Page Loading Test


What must be installed to use Loading Test?

Loading test should work in any web browser that supports Flash of version 8 and javascript.

What does kbps mean?

It means kilobits per second. Usually, when you purchase a broadband then ISP explains speed in Mb. 1 Mb has 1024 kilobits.

What might affect the accuracy of loading test?

Any applications running on your PC can affect the internet speed, browser response times or PC performance, so you should disable temporarily :

How does the loading test work?

The test simulates your browsing activity and tries to load websites one by one. Each website is timed during a load time so you are able to compare your browsing speed with others, or with your previous results. After the browsing test the speed test is performed which downloads a file from the server and measures how long your connection takes to download it. The size of the file will be different according to your line speed.

How accurate is the loading test and accompanied speed test?

We have tried to build the speed checker as accurate as possible but there are several factors that can affect the test. The speed checker measures the speed at the time of the test so if your network is running slow at that time then speed checker will report a slow speed. This does not necessarily mean that your internet connection is slow at the other times.

How long it takes the loading test to complete?

The required time varies depending on the internet connection speed between 30 seconds and 3 minutes.

Why the download or upload test does not work?

If you have a firewall or antivirus software installed that is not configured properly, then speed checker may not work correctly. Try to disable the firewall / antivirus when you are running the speed checker. After the test has been completed do not forget to turn it back on so you stay protected.